For the first time in marketing history it is possible for a ‘fred-in-the-shed’ to get more exposure in a vital marketplace than a multinational.

By optimising his website, using the latest techniques, to stay above the PLCs of the world on the search engine results pages.

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Building Your-Website

We offer the following services to build successful websites for our clients.

  • Site Planning: defining what ‘success’ looks like for you
  • Content Audit: reviewing clients materials – the search for originality
    Tactical Business Review: off-the-page sales
  • Strategic Business Development: new business & new ways of doing business
  • Marketing Co-ordination: ensuring successful links with all other marketing effort
  • ‘Hot-Link’ & Allies Research: adding value to the site through co-operative effort
  • Name Selection & Registration: selecting the right name and protecting it
  • Server Selection & Hosting: choosing the right partner - horses for courses!
  • User Research: research with users to aid design & architecture
  • Design: look & feel of site
  • Architecture: structuring the site
  • Promotion: launch and integration of site into existing marketing plans
  • Training
  • Back-office Organisation
  • Documentation: electronic literature / manuals / catalogues
  • Web Mastering: keeping your site fresh and up-to-date
  • ‘Top Dog’ Maintenance: keeping your site at the forefront of search engines.